Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

What's the difference between a Save the Date and a Wedding Invitation?

Save the Date is most commonly sent out long in advance to make sure all your favourites keep your date aside for your big day, even if you haven't finalised the finer details. All you need in order to send this out is your secured date (usually by booking your wedding venue). You don’t need any other info - this is usually a simple design as it often only has the bridal couple’s names, the date and the venue on it.

A wedding invitation is a much more informative design. This will include everything your guests need to know about your big day. This will include the venue, time to arrive, date, dress code, possible gift ideas/registries, a link to your website where guests can RSVP, some include a general timeline of the day and any other info you’d like for your guests to know, like if there will be a cash bar/card facilities, are children allowed, partners by invite only etc.

Can I send out a Save the Date and a Wedding Invitation?

Absolutely! We recommend this. A Save the Date is sent out long before your event (usually more than a year in advance) to make sure all your favourites keep your date aside for your big day, even if you haven't finalised the finer details. A Wedding Invitation is usually sent out between 1 and 6 months before your wedding to let your guests know all the finer details about your big day.

What would I need to give you in order to get a wedding website designed?

If you want to get your wedding website designed, we will start with a short questionnaire that will give me all the “boring” info I need to get the site done. We will then spend a big chunk of time discussing the style & vibe your wedding day is going for - this is very important for me to know before designing your site. 

The other key element is your engagement shoot photos - I prefer to wait till we have these before beginning the design as the style of these images need to be complemented by the design of the site.

Do we have to have engagement shoot photos to have a wedding website designed?

No, you are more than welcome to use any/no photos of you and your partner on your site. Engagement shoot photos are just most commonly done shortly after getting engaged and your wedding website is a nice place to show them off!

Do you work with brides all over SA?

Yes, I absolutely do, in fact, I have the occasional European and American bride too - that’s the beauty of designing everything and being able to share it with you digitally!

What if I haven't decided on my wedding colours yet?

If you’re undecided on what you are wanting to do about your wedding colours but you’re certain of the “vibe” you want on your special day, for example, formal - we can begin the designs in black and white until you’ve made up your mind. I also can offer assistance by analysing your Pinterest boards and see if you’ve got some trends you don’t realise you’re being drawn to. We will get you there, don't worry!

How does your RSVP functionality work?

My wedding websites offer full RSVP functionality - this is such a win when trying to keep track of who has responded, what meal choice they want, are they bringing a plus one etc. The RSVP section of your wedding website is fully customisable and we can include a range of questions and answer options. We have had anything from meal choice to song requests, to shuttle & transport options and babysitting services and all sorts in between. It really is up to you!